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Last Published: 2/14/2019


Swiss public spending on education above OECD averages and strong purchasing power offer opportunities for U.S. companies in the education sector. Switzerland’s decentralized educational system devolves many purchasing decisions to the cantons and municipalities.  Regional, linguistic and cultural differences play an important role in the procurement of goods and services related to education.
(In million USD)2014201520162017 (Estimated)
Total Local Production13,6793,7973,8443,921
Total Exports2141118118118
Total Imports2610529528540
Imports from the US2
Total Market Size4,1484,2084,2544,343
Exchange Rates Applied0.9150.9630.9850.985
(total market size = total local production + imports - exports)
1Swiss gross value-added in the education and training sector per:   2017 estimate is based on a 2% growth assumption.
2Goods include instruments for demonstrational purposes (HS Code 9023) and printed books (HS Code 4901).

Leading Sub-Sectors

Educational travel (amounting to about $60 million per year according to  Switzerland imports $39 million annually in instruments designed for demonstrational purposes (HS Code 9023).


Opportunities for U.S. companies exist in education technology, software, instruments for demonstrational purposes, and educational travel.

Web Resources

Website on the Swiss educational system:
Swiss Trade Fair on education (Swissdidac / Worlddidac):

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