A Board is a bookmarking feature that allows you to save relevant market information and business opportunities to your personal profile, thereby creating your own personal market report tailored to your business.

How Do I Create My Board?

Create your Board by becoming a member of our community of U.S. exporters and global trade experts.

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Registered, logged in users can view all of their saved content

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How Do I Begin Saving Stuff to My Board?

Search our Marketing Intelligence feature.  When you see the "Save to a Board" feature in the upper right corner of the page, click on it, and the link will be saved to your Board.

New Features Coming Soon

We are constantly updating the Boards feature to make it more useful.  In the next few months new features will include the ability to share Boards with other registered users, and get automatic updates to your boards that include the lastest market research, trade opportunities and events within your industry or target market.   Sign up for email alerts to keep abreast of new Board features.

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