Describes bilateral and multilateral trade agreements that this country is party to, including with the United States. Includes websites and other resources where U.S. companies can get more information on how to take advantage of these agreements.
Last Published: 1/27/2020
Argentina is a founding member of the Association for Latin American Integration (ALADI-Asociación Latinoamericana de Integración), which was created in 1980 with the long-term goal of establishing a Latin American Common Market.  Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela are also founding members; Cuba attained full membership in 1999.  Under the ALADI, member countries sign regional and bilateral agreements that allow partial trade liberalization that can then be extended to other members. Argentina has several regional, multilateral, and bilateral arrangements.

Argentina is a member of the Common Market of the South (MERCOSUR- Mercado Común del Sur), which entered into force in January 1991. MERCOSUR members originally included Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay.  Venezuela is currently suspended.  Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru have joined the pact as associate members.

MERCOSUR-European Union
The two trading blocs made the commitment of reaching an agreement in the process of integration by October 2004, but several differences between the blocs impeded final negotiations, which are still ongoing

MERCOSUR-Andean Community of Nations (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru)
The agreement took place in October 2004 and contemplates the liberalization of 80% of trade between the blocs within ten years, which began 2005.

In July 2004, Mexico was accepted by MERCOSUR as an “observer country” within the bloc, with a view to its inclusion as associate member.


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