A brief introduction to export compliance and what is required to ship a product overseas. This article details a video series on foreign trade regulations, classifying a commodity, registering for AESDirect, filing a shipment in AESDirect and response messages from AES.
Last Published: 11/18/2016

Export Compliance Introduction

Accurately and easily complete key shipping information, comply with the law and take advantage of the duty-free benefits of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). 

Automated Export System (AES) Filing Requirements

What is a shipment and when you must file in the Automated Export System (AES)? 
Who is the U.S. Principle Party in Interest (USPPI)?

Classifying Your Commodity

This video will help you answer the questions:
  • What is a Harmonized Code?
  • How to find a Schedule B Classification number?

Registering for AESDirect

Use AESDirect to file your Electronic Export Information (EEI) to the Automated Export System (AES). For more information on AESDirect, please visit: https://aesdirect.census.gov

Filing a Shipment in AESDirect

A tour of the AESDirect website and how to use the special features of the system to make Electronic Export Information (EEI) filing process easier.

Response Messages from AES

This video is a discussion of what response messages the AES can and will send in different filing scenarios.  The video discusses the proper action(s) after receiving the different response messages.

Proof of Filing Citations (AESDirect)

This video gives you a look on how to properly annotate loading documents with the Internal Transaction Number or ITN.

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