This article covers what an ecommerce platform is, which is a series of software plugins for your website.
Last Published: 10/20/2016

What is an "ecommerce platform"?

An ecommerce platform is what the bundle of software applications that are added to your website to increase its business functions is called. eCommerce platform software provides the customer-facing front-end components of a performing ecommerce website. 

The software a  business needs for its ecommerce platform includes: shopping cart, inventory management, accounting with shipping, product management, order management, search capabilities, and CRM, amongst others.  

The majority of ecommerce platform vendors provide business software with all of the needed business functionality seamlessly integrated into one ecommerce platform. Rather than buying separate accounting, inventory, and CRM tools for a business website, ecommerce platforms often come with such tools already built into their software platform for you to use.

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