Company Files for Part 110 Export License with NRC

NRC Form 7 is the license application for Part 110. Completed applications and processing fee should be sent to the Deputy Director, Office of International Programs, at the NRC.

Deputy Director
Office of International Programs
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission 
Washington, DC 20555-0001
For proposed exports of nuclear facilities, source and/or special nuclear material, NRC asks the Department of State to coordinate review by interested Executive Branch agencies (Energy, Defense, and Commerce Departments), which includes:
  • Obtaining assurances from the foreign government that parties are authorized to receive the items subject to the terms of a Section 123 Agreement for Cooperation in the Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy; and
  • Providing views as to whether export licensing criteria are met
After the export license is issued, DOE and NRC manage the Nuclear Materials Management & Safeguards System (NMMSS), which tracks nuclear materials. DOE also processes subsequent arrangements, such as the re-transfer of U.S.-origin nuclear material or equipment.
See the NRC website for more information.