U.S. Metropolitan Area Exports

Database and reports detailing goods exports from individual U.S. metropolitan areas.

U.S. Metropolitan Area Exports Database

Interactive tool generating tables and graphics detailing annual exports of goods from U.S. metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) from 2005 to the most recently-available year. Depending on availability, data are available by export destination (country or world region), product, county within the MSA (top 50 only), and share of total state goods exports

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Analysis: Metropolitan Area Exports

Browse reports and fact sheets detailing goods trade exports from U.S. metropolitan areas, including quick factsheets on exports from the top 50 MSAs

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Metropolitan Area Exports (OM-ZIP)

Learn more about the Origin of Movement ZIP code-based methodology used to estimate goods exports by individual U.S. metropolitan areas

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Looking for State Data?

Find statistics on U.S. goods exports and international travel to the U.S. by individual state.

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